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School is about to start in merely two weeks and boy is Gabie so excited to go back! I don’t know about other kids but Gabie is the only kid I know who likes school over summer vacation. Sure she likes to do different things during the break but she’s even more pumped up when she is in school and learning. She didn’t miss a day last year and she hardly complain about going to school everyday. Not that I’m complaining but seriously, I may have another geek-in-the-making in my family. Awesome! My bubble thought says: “I thought it’ll always just be me”. Lol!

Anyway, we were at the mall about two weeks ago and she spotted these pair of high cut Chucks. And I don’t even know if you call it high cut because it definitely looks like a pair of boots to me. She wanted me to buy it but I was a bit hesitant because it’s not your ordinary sneakers. Just take a look at it! Or maybe I’m just getting (oh wait for it…) old, that’s why I couldn’t appreciate it as much. But knowing me, I’ll probably end up giving in to her request. I may hold off for a while but I’ll get it for them anyways.

But honestly, what do you think about these CHUCK TAYLOR’S? Yey or Ney?

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